Contract Lawyer in Miami

While it is expected that parties to a contract will respect the terms and conditions within it, there are times when a party does not fulfill its part of the deal. At the Law Office of Joseph Shook, P.A., located in Coral Gables, I understand that a breach of contract can be damaging to a person or business. With decades of experience as a contract lawyer, I can help you recover damages or reach an agreement with the other party to resolve the dispute. As an employment lawyer in Miami, I am especially skilled at handling cases involving employment contracts. Though litigation may be an effective way to resolve a breach of contract dispute, there may be more cost-effective ways to dealing with the problem.

As a contract lawyer in Miami, I have also assisted parties who have been accused of a breach of contract. If you have been accused of breaching a contract, you want an experienced attorney who can understand the details of the agreement and the laws pertaining to it.

  • Sales contracts
  • Marketing agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Employment and non-compete agreements
  • Government contracts
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Joint venture and partnership agreements
  • Asset and stock purchase agreements
  • Loan contracts
  • Consulting agreements
Joseph Shook is an experienced contract lawyer in Miami.

As your contract lawyer in Miami, I will aggressively defend your rights. Though litigation is not always the best option, I can litigate your case if the need arises. To schedule a consultation about your case, please contact me.